2015 6-Metre Worlds Photos Available

There were some amazing photography from the 6-Metre Worlds, please contact them directly if you are interested in purchasing.

Here are the first links for online galleries from the photographers in Douarnenez last week:

6-Metre Worlds Press Officer Fiona Brown – www.fionabrown.com (some of Fi’s images were showing on the screens in the tent)

Philip Plisson – http://philipplisson.smugmug.com/6-M-JI-WC (M. Plisson’s images were also showing on the screens – they were the really amazing photos including the aerial shots!)

Theirry Martinez – www.seaandco.net

Eric Rousseau – Online gallery coming soon! If you use Facebook you can see a selection of his images on his page at www.facebook.com/veloximages in the meantime.


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