Article Enhancement and Narration


For those readers that would like to enhance the readability of our articles, or to allow for narration use Firefox as your web browser and make sure you have the add on Activate Reader View installed.



This add-on adds a button to the toolbar. Clicking on it activates the Reader View. Once installed choose a story from our web pages that you wish to view, then select the appropriate icon to view or hear narration of our articles.



The Reader View is a feature that strips away clutter like buttons, ads and background images, and changes the page’s text size, contrast and layout for better readability. This add-on adds a button to the toolbar. Clicking on it activates the Reader View even if the icon in the address bar is not present. Technically this add-on prepends “about:reader?url=” to the current tab’s address. Hence the ability of the Reader View to make sites readable is not affected by this add-on, some pages might still not work. The button does not toggle the Reader View state. To exit the Reader View use the address bar icon.



The easiest way to enable Reader View in Safari on Mac is to click the Reader View button in the URL text field in your browser window. It’s on the left side of the URL text field. You can also manually select websites that are currently open from the Preferences section of your Settings on Mac.


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