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Mystic Seaport – Sailor’s Best Friend

Our dogs make all times better here at ClassicSailboats.Org....and our friends over at Mystic Seaport share the same feelings. Whether dogs are exploring the seaside village or playing with their staff and volunteers, Mystic Seaport is happy to welcome man’s best friend. See why Mystic was named the Pet-Friendliest Attraction in Connecticut by GoPetFriendly.com.     Mystic Seaport - Dogs are always invited to join guests and families at Mystic Seaport. And while they can’t allow our four-legged friends onto historic vessels like the Charles W. Morgan, canines have a long history aboard boats and ships, and have served a variety of roles on the sea. This is particularly apparent in the history of the U.S. Navy. In the early days of the American Naval Forces, dogs served in a working capacity. When a ship would land on a new shore, dogs would help alert sailors to possible dangers, using their senses of smell and hearing to...
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6mR World Cup – Vancouver hosts first-ever First Nations yachtsman

Peter Wealick will join Dennis Connor, Ross MacDonald and King Juan-Carlos I of Spain in vying for sailing title

2017 6mR World Cup

Martha Perkins / Vancouver Courier - When Peter Wealick looks out at English Bay, he sees things that few other people would ever notice, let alone compute with a mathematician’s accuracy. That trail of flat water winding its way through the ripples on the water’s surface? That’s a tidal stream. Changes in the ripples themselves tell him where there is a puff of wind on the horizon. He doesn’t have to look to know which direction the wind is coming from — he feels it on his face. If he’s to win the upcoming World Cup sailing race in these very same waters, he’ll have to process all that information in the blink of an eye and respond just as quickly. “If you have to think about it, it’s too late — someone has passed you by,” he says,...
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2017 North American Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge Comes to a Conclusion

The North American Panerai Classic Yacht Challenge came to a conclusion this past weekend with two overall winners the Sparkman & Stephens Sonny and 12-Meter Valiant. The Challenge is comprised of five regattas throughout August with the Newport Classic Yacht Regatta as the final event.       ...
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2017 Nantucket Regatta

The two-day event offers sailors multiple races each day and a chance to take advantage of the perfect Nantucket Sound sailing conditions. The Nantucket Regatta and Nantucket Race Week helps support Nantucket Community Sailing and its mission of getting the community of Nantucket out on the water.    ...
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