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Climate Change Performance Index Overall Results

The overall results of this year’s Climate Change Performance Index.

We reflect back as we near the end of the year on 60 of the worlds nations implementation of mitigation targets and their standing on Climate Change.

United States Rates 56 out of 60 Countries

Under the Trump Administration, the United States has started to take several steps backwards on climate action, especially by declaring its withdrawal from the Paris Agreement and dismantling the Clean Power Plan. As such, policy evaluations dropped dramatically, especially regarding international climate diplomacy, where national experts rated its country’s performance very low. National policy grades are still slightly more positive, as (1) the new government has not yet erased all the efforts of the previous administration and (2) there are positive signs that more ambitious action on climate protection will be taken by cities and states on the subnational level as well as by the economic sector to counterbalance the disastrous developments in federal...
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20′ Friendship Available for Restoration

Artison Boatworks - Restoration Candidate

This sweet little 20' Friendship Sloop was built in 1962 by Nathaniel D. Clapp from an original Charles Morse half model. She's currently in the water and sailing, but her iron fastened backbone needs some work. The engine has been removed but could easily be replaced, there are a few bunks down below, a small Wilcox head, and space for installing a little wood or coal stove. This boat will be arriving at Artisan Boatworks later this week and is available for just $6600. She's reportedly in good condition otherwise, and Artisans would love to fix her up this winter for a new owner. We can't imagine a more perfect little daysailer / weekender! Please call Alec at Artison Boatworks at (207) 542-0372 for more information.        

Artison Boatworks

416 Main Street Rockport, Maine 04856 (207) 542-0372 Google...
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The Amagansett Life-Saving Station

As preservationist we applaud all who were associated with the restoration of this  historic maritime structure. The following film presents a captivating blend of archival and contemporary footage, this documentary is a historical gem. The Amagansett Life-Saving Station has been a unique centerpiece of Long Island history since it was built in 1902.     The film journeys through the Station’s extraordinary 100-year-plus history and arrives at its present day incarnation on Atlantic Avenue. Over a period of 44 years, the dedicated men who worked at the Station saved thousands of lives. In 1942, four Nazi saboteurs were found by coastguardsman John Cullen during a nightly beach patrol in front of the Station. And in 1966, the building was rescued from demolition and purchased for a dollar by Joel Carmichael whose family lived there for the rest of the twentieth century. After Carmichael's death in 2006, the house was donated back to Amagansett for historical preservation. To...
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The 2017 “Cup Regatta” Australia

Under the auspices of the Classic Yacht Association of Australia and the authority of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria, The Cup Regatta was raced on the northern waters of Port Phillip early this November. Alex of Alex McKinnon Photography recently captured the spirit and beauty of this race by taking these fine pictures of Australia's vintage greyhounds.   [caption id="attachment_21660" align="alignnone" width="700"] Sayonara - 2017 Cup Regatta - Alex Mckinnon Photography[/caption]   One of the crown jewels of the Classic Yacht Association of Australia (CYAA) is Sayonara, Japanese for goodbye, Sayonara was built by Mr G. F. Garrard, then commodore of the Royal Yacht Club of Victoria (RYCV). Sayonara was designed as a high bulwarks fast cruising yawl  by William Fife of Scotland, a sister ship to his own champion Cirego, which  was built and launched Novemeber 1897 by Mr A. McFarlane of Birkinhead, Adelaide, Her first major race was the Inter-Colonial Regatta held...
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Norfolk Naval Shipyard Turns 250

Ironclad legacy: Norfolk Naval Shipyard, older than the nation and the Navy, turns 250

By Robert McCabe - The Virginian-Pilot As you drive south over the Berkley Bridge, you can’t miss the cranes. They’re everywhere. In the distance, a cluster sprouts on the west side of the Southern Branch of the Elizabeth River. A little to their north is the Erector-set-like Hammerhead Crane, a waterfront icon since 1940. They all stand guard over Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth, the oldest and largest of the Navy’s four public shipyards. It celebrates its 250th birthday on Wednesday. Blocked from view, in part, by industrial development on the east side of the river, it’s a hidden city within a city. A highly secure facility where nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and submarines are maintained, it employs more than 10,500 civilians and 750 members of the military. The carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower is there now; so is the submarine USS Rhode Island. A place unlike any other in the Navy, it’s...
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