Breast Cancer Awareness – Electric Boat Voyage

Two sisters will be embarking on a 360 mile (579.4km) 9-day voyage on a solar-powered electric boat to raise awareness and funds to support the Donna Foundation – a non-profit organization caring for women living with breast cancer.

The sisters are set to leave the Miami Yacht Club on October 27th, 2015 at 0900 and are planing 9 stops, on their way to their destination in Jacksonville, Florida. To follow their progress, use the following link

Unlike other breast cancer foundations, The Donna Foundation raises money to be used primarily for the critical needs of First Coast women living with breast cancer within a 16-county area of Jacksonville Florida.

To make sure the money goes to the right recipients they partner with Catholic Charities of the Jacksonville Regional Office to administer these funds in the most practical ways. Catholic Charities’ social workers lovingly screen each recipient to ensure the Foundation is a good steward of the donations received. Checks are then made payable to the mortgage company, the utilities carrier, the doctor’s office, etc. to enable recipients to concentrate on healing rather than the financial burden surviving cancer can create.

Island Packet L24 Family Launch© – When Island Packet founder Bob Johnson was searching for a personal launch that would be unique, eco-friendly and good looking, he stumbled upon the prototype of what has now become our new L24 series of mini-yachts. Conceived in 2006 by Nancy Frainetti, a fifteen year veteran of the electric boat industry who was keenly focused on developing a better electric launch than the model dominating the marketplace at the time, Nancy welcomed Bob’s advice and redesign suggestions. Together, and with the expert craftsmanship and advanced materials technology of Island Packet, they created the new L24 line of Family Launches, offering a level of fit, finish, warranty and award winning customer support that has made IPY America’s Cruising Yacht Leader ®.

Why the sisters are doing this – The sister powered Island Packet Electric/Solar Family Launch will showcase the courage of survivors and family support. Combining their individual strengths with everyone they encounter along the way, the sisters will share the value of healthy, stress-free living.

Nancy Frainetti, designer of an energy conserving Electric / Solar Family Launch, symbolizes a slowed down, steady-your-pace and be-one-with-nature lifestyle.

Paula Frainetti’s expertise with personalized lifestyle change shares insights and competency skills that are the driving fuel for a balanced and fulfilled life.

Their energizing voyage will raise awareness of the power that comes from going the distance in surviving breast cancer.



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