In the Wake of the ZACA – Sailing Channel Theatre

While visiting a classic sailing yacht in Annapolis, Maryland, Host Tory Salvia, President of The Sailing Channel, introduces extended excerpts from a new award-winning documentary about a classic West Coast schooner with quite a bit of history of its own.


In the Wake of the Zaca from SailFlix on


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  1. We are the producers of Sailing Channel Theater. This is a 26:46 version of full 51 minute documentary, In the Wake of the Zaca, by San Francisco filmmaker, Luther Greene. To watch the full film, visit or
    The film is available as a digital download, streaming rental, and DVD. If you like this segment, please support the filmmaker by renting or purchasing the full film.

    Sailing Channel Theater was a pilot series of 10 half-hour episodes commissioned by WLIW for summer 2009. Subsequently Public TV sponsorship switched to WPBT2 Miami in 2010 and the series was rebranded as Adventures in Sailing. By this time the Great Recession had gripped the U.S.A. and funding dried up. You can check out AIS at We still hope to fund the series and program it from our growing library of sailing documentaries.

    You can obtain the full version of other SCT/AIS episodes at and

    We now distribute several other classic sailing documentaries by Eric & Susan Hiscock, Don Street, Yves Gélinas, and Gene & Josie Evans. Check out the collection at

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