NY 40 Marilee Restoration in Full Swing

French & Webb – Belfast, Maine – The extensive two-year restoration of 1926 Herreshoff New York 40 Marilee is taking most of French & Webb’s man power this month. Her hull exterior and rudder are almost complete, and the floor and walls of the hull interior are nearing that stage as well. Interior design plans for the new cabin are in house, and the joinery work is about to begin. Also French and Webb is building a new boom and gaff, with additional new masts next up and a new teak deck in her future as well.


Photo Credit: Alison Langley

Photo Credit: Alison Langley


French & Webb Custom Boatbuilders – Todd French and Peter Webb started French & Webb, Inc. in 1996. Over the years, the company has earned a distinct reputation for high standards and precision joinery as well as exceptional aesthetics, award-winning top-speed sailing vessels, and superb personal customer service. Todd and Peter met while serving on the faculty at The Landing School of boatbuilding and design in Kennebunkport. Each had operated his own shop and worked in various yards before they decided to combine their expertise at French & Webb. Located on the waterfront in historic Belfast, Maine, French & Webb builds wooden boats using cutting-edge methods in combination with traditional craftsmanship. The result is unparalleled workmanship and boats of the highest quality.

French & Webb acknowledge the unique character and building requirements of each boat, and the specific needs of each client. Building to exacting specifications and expecting their products to meet rigorous standards of use and aesthetics. Seeking to personalize the building process and maintain a professional and highly interactive relationship with their clients. “Having a boat built is an exciting venture, and we are committed to doing it well and in a timely fashion.”

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