On this Day (December 3) – Many Life’s Lost in Wrecks

“Many Life’s are Lost in the Wrecks”

LONDON, Dec. 3.— Storms are continuing with great violence on the coasts of the United Kingdom. Many wrecks are reported and bodies of men lost in these disasters already are being washed ashore. Navigation around the northeast coast is almost paralyzed.

The Norwegian bark George Ville has been wrecked at South Ronaldshay in the Orkneys. Three of her crew were drowned end her captain and three others of the ship’s company were picked up on the Orkney coast after having been seven hours in the water. The British schooner Eliza Bain was wrecked at Sunderland tonight while trying to make the harbor and it is believed that all hands were lost The Danish barkentine Delos landed at Plymouth today thirteen of the crew of the Norwegian steamer King Sigard, which were rescued by the Delos when the King Sigard was orr the point of sinking in the Bay of Biscay.


On December 3, 1911, Willis Carrier presented the perhaps most significant document ever prepared on air conditioning – Rational Psychrometric Formulae – at the annual meeting of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. It became known as the “Magna Carta of Psychrometrics.” This document tied together the concepts of relative humidity, absolute humidity, and dew-point temperature, thus making it possible to design air-conditioning systems to precisely fit the requirements at hand.

In 1915 Carrier and six other engineers formed the Carrier Engineering Corporation, the company remains a major player in the industry to this day.

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