Philip L. Rhodes ESCAPADE – 15-Years on the Hard

“Queen of the Great Lakes” – Five-Time Winner of the Mackinac Race

Escapade is in need of a complete rebuild. After sitting out of the water for more than a decade the planking has shrunk up and is no longer viable. Moreover, the entire interior and deck have been removed. Each day, month, year that goes by, more and more of ESCAPADE is lost, she needs and deserves a new owner now!

She is currently owned by Paul Kaplan at Keefe Kaplan Maritime, Inc. (KKMI), 530 W. Cutting Blvd., Point Richmond CA 94804; Website (510-307-7900)

Paul has added that the most important factor is finding the correct new steward for this vessel, one who understands Escapade’s significance and place in yachting history and with the necessary enthusiasm and resources to restore her to her former glory.




Escapade’s Last Voyage

In the Summer of 2000 “Escapade” was on the way back from a race to Mexico. Sailing up the California Coast, Escapade plowed into an unlit Coast Guard buoy just before Pt. Conception. Due to this error in navigation, her bowsprit was broken, the stem was shattered as well as the planking on the forward portion of the yacht. Some of that damage extended slightly below the waterline and the vessel began to take on water. The Coast Guard lowered pumps to stricken yacht and after temporary repairs were made she managed to complete her voyage to San Francisco.

The yacht was taken to Keefe Kaplan Maritime, Inc, (KKMI) for repairs. A new stem was built, the forward frames were repaired and the broken planks replaced. The owner was so pleased and impressed with the workmanship he contracted with the yard to embark on a complete restoration of the vessel.

During the initial phase of the restoration the owner became unable to fund the project and all work stopped on the vessel. Subsequently, the owner forfeited the vessel to the yard, which is now offering the yacht for sale.

The Future

While the prospect of restoring any yacht may seem like a daunting task there are few things in the world that can be as satisfying. With “Escapade” there are several prominent features that make this particular yacht a very worthy endeavor.


Escapade - On deck facing forward



One of the values of a yacht is based on its pedigree, designed by MIT graduate in naval architecture and engineering, Philip L. Rhodes, Escapade was a 5 time winner of the Mackinac race, she would have won more, but missed some years due to racing overlaps. Please review her details in the Classic Yacht Registry.


Relative to the yachts of similar vintage the interior volume of “Escapade” is considerably larger, offering more amenities and comfort. Not only does this vessel have several feet more beam but her 7’ 4’’ headroom provides for the opportunity to raise her cabin sole 6” to 8” allowing for an additional foot of interior space thus giving you even more opportunity to increase her interior arrangement. The other benefit or raising the cabin sole will be to provide for better access to the machinery below deck, more storage, additional fuel etc.


The yacht is located at one of Northern California’s most reputable boat yards, KKMI. KKMI has been involved in the repair and restoration of other classic yachts, most notably “Santana” which belongs to Paul & Chrissy Kaplan, founders of KKMI. The ability to draw upon the craftsmen and literally hundreds of years of experience in the restoration of such a yacht is rare indeed.


One key to restoring a yacht in a cost effective manner is to do so in the most efficient manner possible. Due to KKMI having one of the largest facilities in Northern California, this yacht can be located in an area that is clear of the daily hustle and bustle of the yard yet within easy access of supplies and specialized craftsmen. In addition, you’ll be able to set up your own private shop and work area. Finding a convenient and efficient place to restore a yacht of this size is almost impossible, let alone one that would be affordable. Due to the unique circumstances of this vessel, KKMI is willing to negotiate the rental of this facility in the sale of the vessel.



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