Philip L. Rhodes “Evergreen”

Rhodes “Evergreen” Specifications:

LOA: 36.00′ / 10.97m * LOD: 36.00′ / 10.97m * LWL: 24.00′ / 7.32m * Beam: 7.33′ / 2.23m * Draft: 5.00′ / 1.52m * Ballast:  * Displacement: 7600 lbs./ 3447 kgs * Sail Area: 472 sq ft / 43.85 m2 * Yard Number: * Hull material: Wood construction * Rig: Fractional Sloop * Designer: Rhodes * Built by: Eden Boat Works * Year Built: 1945 * Restored By: * Current Name: * Original Owner: * Current Owner: * Sail Number:

Known Racing History: ?

Known Restoration History:


The Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest, refer their area as the “Evergreen Playground” and appropriately this class was named for this special locale. The Evergreen Class was sponsored by Seattle’s Corinthian Yacht Club, looking for a capable yacht that could hold its own against the 6-metres and the PC’s on Sunday afternoons, yet capable enough to cruise this vast scenic waterway.

Incorporating some of the sailing attributes of the 22 and 30 square metre yachts Bill Agnew initiated discussion with numerous designers. With Herb Day, and Hugh Brady assistance they finally choose Rhodes and were able to produce a yacht that cost under $6,000 and was easy to maintain, with expected yearly maintenance fees of around $200.00

Evergreen was the closest Phil Rhodes came to turning out a sizable pure racing machine since his 12-metre “Weatherly.”




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  1. Hi, When and how does a boat become “Classic”? How about the Rhodes Reliant, ASTARTE. Mine is 51 years old, I’ve been sailing, fixing, and upgrading her for all of her 51 years! I’ve also tracked down most of her 159 sisterships. All Classics in my mind, even if they have fiberglass hulls.

    • admin

      Great question – First off the Rhodes designed ASTARTE, is truly a beautiful classic yacht, and would like to add her to our Classic Yacht Register. The simple answer to your question is a yacht becomes classic if it was designed in or before the year 1967. It is at this point in time going forward, that classification becomes more challenging, as what determines a vessel to evoke the look and feel of a vintage classic vessel.

      On the point of GRP constructed yachts we only have to look back at the 1951 Sidney DeWolfe Herreshoff designed ARION, and the others that followed her, which should be allowed to compete on equal footing as other classics of this time period.

      If you would like to contribute an article on the Rhodes Reliants, Offshore 40s, and Empire 40s, we would be more than happy to publish your appreciated contribution to our readers.

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