C. Raymond Hunt International 210

International 210 Specifications:

LOA: 29’10” * Beam: 5’10” * Draft: 3’10” * Ballast: 1,175 lbs * Displacement: 2300 lbs * Designed: C. Raymond Hunt * Sail Plan: Main, Jib, Spin Spinnaker: Conventional *  Upwind sail area: 305 sq ft * Spinnaker sail area: * Hull material: Double Curvature 3/8 “Harborite” Plywood bent over laminated oak frames. * Crew: 3 * Original Contract Price: 1,275 – 1,500 w/o sails * In Current Production: Yes * Approximate number built: 462


The 210 was drawn by Fenwick Williams, under the guidance of C. Raymond Hunt. Designed to be a bigger drier boat than the 110s. Mr Hunt built a prototype in the Spring of 1946, which was presented to the clubs of Massachusetts Bay for consideration as the selected boat for inter-club racing. The requirements of the clubs were that they wanted a new one design boat that was affordable, pleasant for day sailing as well as racing, a boat that will always be uniform so that it cannot be out-built. ‘Fourth a boat that is modern and can be kept so. At the next meeting, the selection committee announced that Ray Hunt’s proposed “210″ was more boat than any other that the clubs could find for the money, so they adopted it, and with it a new era in yachting was ushered in.

True to the 210s origins through good price, comfort, and exceptional racing abilities, the class took off with some of the sports top sailor’s campaigning boats throughout Massachusetts Bay. Soon fleets were formed throughout the Midwest, Maine, Hawaii and beyond.

Governed by strict one design class rules, to keep boat costs down, but allowing for nominal changes to keep up with the times, a successful concept for the development of the class, yet challenging at times.

The International 210 is currently in production at Shaw Yacht’s, Inc., 52 Oyster River Road, Thomaston, ME 04861, Phone: (207) 594-5035, Fax: (207) 594-5035




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