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The Classic Yacht Register of Heritage – Database of the worlds Vintage, Classic and Grand Prix (Spirit of Tradition) sailboats. Registry includes surviving, and destroyed vessels with historical, known racing, and ownership history for educational purposes. Registry inclusion is either by vessel’s historical significance, invitation or request.

Eligibility Requirements – Vintage and Classic full keeled (or keel-centerboard), monohull, displacement yachts designed in or before 1967, construction to include either steel / aluminum / grp and wooden yachts. Grand Prix Divisions – Include all Spirit of Tradition Yachts as well as those classics which are either equipped for, or are competing at, a much higher level than traditional vintage classics construction to include either steel / aluminum / grp and wooden yachts. designed in 1968 or later. Designs whose intent is to evoke the look and feel of a vintage classic.

The Wall of Remembrance

A New Important Classification within each vessels profile that recognizes the dedicated preservation, stewardship and celebrity of all the men and women that have sailed on these legendary icons. All helping to preserve and add to the historical significance of these vessels for future generation to come.





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Edlu - named after daughters Edmee and Lucy, was designed and built for Rudolph J. Schaefer, Commodore of the Larchmont Yacht Club. - LOA: 56′ 2″ / 17.11m - LWL: 40′ 0″ / 12.19m - Beam: 13′ 0″ / 3.96m - Draft: 7′ 10″ / 2.38m - Design Number: 35 - Rig: Origin Cutter - Displacement: 47,100 lbs - Sail Area: 1,449 sq ft - Designer: Sparkman & Stephens - Built By: Henry B. Nevins, City Island, NY - Original Owner: Rudolph J. Schaefer - Current Owner: - Current Name: Orion - Launched: 1934 - Contract Cost: $25,000 - Sail Number:

Edlu II
Edlu II - Class: Vintage - CRF Rating: 48.0 - In the way of background, BLACK WATCH (formerly EDLU II) was built in 1938 for the Schaefer family of Larchmont , NY. Construction took place in City Island at the Nevins Shipyard to the design of Sparkman and Stephens. This was the first design that S & S tank tested. - LOA: 68' 0" - LWL: 48' 0" - Beam: 14' 7" - Draft: 9' 3" - Design Number: 218 - Rig: Yawl - Displacement: 76,700 lbs - Sail Area: 2,125 sq ft - Designer: Sparkman & Stephens - Built By: Henry B. Nevins, City Island, NY - Original Owner: - Current Owner: - Launched: 1938 - Sail Number:

Egeria - Type: International 225 - In 1939 The Corinthian Yacht Club members, of Marblehead, Massachusetts, were looking for a spirited one-design club boat for Massachusetts Bay, having searched for a low cost, low maintenance solution they decided on and sponsored the Lawley 225. Further evolved and improved by C. Raymond Hunt and Frank C. Paine, “Egeria” was the first of the 225 class boats, known as 225/1. “Egeria” proved to be very fast, beating most of the class boats in Marblehead except the 30-Square-Metres. - LOA: 35’6″ / 10.85m * LOD: 35’6″ / 10.85m * LWL: 26′ 0″ * Beam: 5’11 / 1.55m * Draft: 5′ 00 / 1.52m * Ballast: 1,000 lbs * Displacement: * Original Sail Area: 225 * Yard Number: Prototype * Hull material: Weldwood Construction * Rig: Sloop * Designer: C. Raymond Hunt * Built by: George Lawley & Son, Neponset, Massachusetts * Year First Built: 1936 * Contract Cost: $1,000

Eilean - Type: Bermudian ketch - Class: Vintage - So it was that in 1937 a boat was launched into the sea from the Fife boatyard in Fairlie, a 22-metre yacht called Eilean, which in the Scottish means “little island”. The boat, design number 822, was conceived by the then eighty-year-old William Fife III, alongside his nephew Robert Balderton Fife who had only recently joined the family business. According to the Lloyds Register of 1938, both names appeared among the designers of the boat. Also specified in the Register, apart from the main dimensions, were the Bermudian ketch sail-plan, which remains unchanged up to the present day, the presence of a 4-cylinder paraffin engine and a sail set made by sail-makers Ratsey of the Isle of Wight. - LOA: 72.83 / 22.20m - LWL: 50.91' / 15.52m - Beam: 15.25' / 4.65m - Draft: 10.66' / 3.25m - Displacement: 50 tons - Sail Area: 301m2 - Built: William Fife & Son, Fairlie Scotland - Year Built: 1937

Elena - A replica of the 1911 Herreshoff schooner Elena has been built in Galicia in northwest Spain, July 2009. - LOA: 180′ 5″ * LOD: 136′ 6″ * LWL: 96′ 0″ * Beam: 26′ 8″ * Draft: 17′ 0″ * Ballast: * Displacement: 216 Tons * Sail Area Upwind: 1.180 m2 * Yard Number: 706/Y103 * Hull material: Steel * Rig: Schooner * Designer: N.G. Herreshoff * Built by: FACTORIA NAVAL DE MARIN Galicia, Spain * Year Built: 2009 * Restored By: * Current Name: Elena * Original Owner: * Current Owner: * Sail Number:

Elena of London
Elena of London Type: A Class Racing Schooner - In 1910 Morton Plant commissioned Elena to be designed by American naval architect Nathanael Herreshoff, the “Wizard of Bristol”, who was famed for designing sailing yachts for America’s elite. Plant gave a wonderful design brief: build me a schooner that can win! Herreshoff gave Elena a slightly deeper keel than preceding designs of that time, lowering her centre of ballast, which improved her windward ability. Fresh out of the shed, Elena won most of her early races against the cream of the American schooner fleet. Seventeen years later came her crowning glory – victory in the 1928 Trans-Atlantic Race. - LOA: 180′ 5″ / 55.00m - LOD: 136’ 6” /41.60m - LWL: 96′ 0″ / 29.60m - Beam: 26’ 8” / 8.14m - Draft: 17′ 0″ / 5.20m - Yard Number: #706/Y103 - Rig: Schooner - Displacement: 215 tons - Sail Area Upwind: 1.180 m2 - Designer: Nathanael G. Herreshoff Replica / ACUBENS Naval Architects Madrid - Built By: FACTORIA NAVAL DE MARIN Galicia, Spain - Original Owner: - Current Owner: - Launched: 2009

Endeavour Type: J-Class - A 130-foot J Class sloop, was commissioned by Sir T.O.M. Sopwith and built by Camper & Nicholson at Gosport England to challenge for the America’s Cup in 1934. Having prepared his campaign in Shamrock V, Sopwith was keen to ensure that this yacht was the most advanced design possible. With his experience designing aircraft Sopwith applied aviation technology to Endeavour’s rig and winches and spared nothing to make her the finest vessel of her day. From launching in 1934 shecontinued her preparation by competing against Shamrock V (then owned by Sir Richard Fairey) and the newly launched Velsheda (owned by W.L Stephenson). She swept through the British racing fleet and into the hearts of yachtsmen the world around, winning many races in her first season. Like many before her, Endeavour did not win the Cup but she came closer to doing so than any other challenger.

Erna Signe
Erna Signe - 1911 William Fife III designed and Neglingevarvet in Stockholm, Sweden built “12mR Erna Signe” for Nils Person, Sweden. - LOA: 62’0″ / 18.90m LWL: 39’2″ / 11.94m - Beam: 11’3″ / 3.43m - Draft: 7’0” / 2.13m - Hull Number: 594 - Designer: William Fife III - Original Owner: Nils Persson - Current Owner: - Year Built: 1911 - Built By: Stockholms Batbygyeri Aktiebolag (Plym) - Hull Material: wood on steel frames - Gross Displacement: 28 tons - Sail Area: 166 sq.m. (1948) - Erna Signe: Video - Sail Number: E 8

Escapade - “Queen of the Lakes” Designed for Henry G. Fownes, Stamford, Connecticut, who wanted the largest boat that could fit under the size limit for the Bermuda Race, but shallow drafted enough to travel down the Intracoastal Waterway. - LWL: 54′ 00″ Beam: 17′ 00″ - Draft: 7′ 10″ (Board up) - Ballast: * Displacement: 110,00 lbs - Sail Area: 2,630 sq ft - Yard Number: - Hull material: Wood construction - Rig: Double-head Yawl Rig - Designer: Rhodes - Built by: Luders Construction Company, Stamford CT - Year Built: 1937 - Restored By: - Current Name: - Original Owner: Henry G. Fownes - Contract Price: $40,000.00 - Current Owner: - Sail Number:

Esperanza - Nygren “Esperanza” Specifications: - LOA: 50.95′ / 15.53m - LOD: 50.95′ / 15.3m - LWL: - Beam: 10.66′ / 3.25m - Draft: 6.56′ / 2m - Displacement: - Sail Area: - Hull material: Wood - Rig: Cutter - Designer: Axel Nygren - Type: SK150 - Built by: Stockholm Boatbuilding AB Year Built: 1897 - Restored By: - Current Name: Esperanza - Original Owner: Carl Wicander “Cork Wicander” - Current Owner: - Sail Number: 150-S3

Et Toi
Et Toi - James H. “Sham” Hunt on sailing on the International 410 Et Toi – “CRH and I only..age 13…raced in the New London to Marblehead Race in 1949 and won by such a large margin that the committee called the Canal to see if we had taken a short cut through of course. - LOA: 35’10 7/8″ / 10.70m - LWL: 28’3″ / 8.62m - Beam 6’10 3/4″ / 1.86 - Draft 5’9″ / 1.79m - Hull Number: - Designer: C. Raymond Hunt - Original Owner: Ray Hunt - Current Owner: - Year Built: 1947 - Built By: Marblehead Yacht Yard - Hull Material: “Harborite” Plywood Construction - Gross Displacement: - Sail Number:

Eva - EVA was designed by William Fife III in accordance with the regulations of the second Linear Rating Rule, the last yacht built by William Fife & Sons under this formula. - LOA: 57’6″ / 17.50m - LOD: 42’6″ / 13.0m - LWL: 29’6″ / 9.0m - Beam: 9’10” / 3.0m - Draft: 6’7” / 2.0m - Hull Number: - Designer: William Fife III - Original Owner: F Glenn Mac Andrew, of Knock Castle Largs - Current Owner: - Year Built: 1906 - Built By: William Fife & Sons, Scotland - Hull Material: Mahogany / Teak - Gross Displacement: 9 tons - Sail Number:

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  1. Duncan

    I am trying to find out information about “Freedom” she was built in 1939 for the Bermuda Race. She was from the board of John Alden and built at the Herreshoff boat yard. She is a Bermuda Cutter

    • admin

      Please refer again to our Classic Yacht Register, we have added to our database – 1937 Cutter Design Number: 676, built at the Herreshoff Mfg. Co. Thank you for bringing FREEDOM to our attention…

  2. Ed

    How do I register my boat ?
    1938 Rhodes design..

  3. Jan Jacobsen

    I would like to forward an article on ‘Agathis’ a John Alden Ketch design number 1022 (redrawn from 744 Rena)
    Where should I send it to?
    Kind regards
    Jan Jacobsen
    Auckland NZ

  4. Brian Kerrigan

    I am trying to locate the hull lines and scantlings for Clinton Crane’s J-Boat “Weetamoe” Any help would be appreciated.

    • admin

      Email:, or call 860.572.5367

      WEETAMOE: J class sloop

      Plans set
      Crane, Clinton Hoadley; Herreshoff Manufacturing Company

      8 sheets of plans for 125.75 ft. J class sloop, WEETAMOE (built 1930), designed by Clinton H. Crane. Date of design is unknown.

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