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The Classic Yacht Register of Heritage – Database of the worlds Vintage, Classic and Grand Prix (Spirit of Tradition) sailboats. Registry includes surviving, and destroyed vessels with historical, known racing, and ownership history for educational purposes. Registry inclusion is either by vessel’s historical significance, invitation or request.

Eligibility Requirements – Vintage and Classic full keeled (or keel-centerboard), monohull, displacement yachts designed in or before 1967, construction to include either steel / aluminum / grp and wooden yachts. Grand Prix Divisions – Include all Spirit of Tradition Yachts as well as those classics which are either equipped for, or are competing at, a much higher level than traditional vintage classics construction to include either steel / aluminum / grp and wooden yachts. designed in 1968 or later. Designs whose intent is to evoke the look and feel of a vintage classic.

The Wall of Remembrance

A New Important Classification within each vessels profile that recognizes the dedicated preservation, stewardship and celebrity of all the men and women that have sailed on these legendary icons. All helping to preserve and add to the historical significance of these vessels for future generation to come.





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Galatea Rumoured at the time to have been built for the Crown Prince of Sweden, but in truth it was built for a Swedish cork merchant; Gustaf Wiklander. Galatea has been owned by several famous individuals such as the violinist, Jascha Heifitz and the actor, Dick Powell who sailed with fellow celebrities, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy and Cary Grant. The boat was eventually sold to the famous movie producer and director of many famous movies, Joseph Mankiewicz. - LOA: 72′ 0″ * LOD: 72′ 0″ * LWL: 55′ 0″ * Beam: 12′ 6″ * Draft: 9′ 0″ * Ballast: * Displacement: * Sail Area: * Yard Number: * Hull material: Mahogany Planks and Iron Deck Beams and Floors and Frames are Webbed Together with Rivets and Iron Gussets. * Rig: * Mast: * Designer: Axel Nygren * Type: * Built by: Stockholm Boat Building * Year Built: 1899 * Restored By: Everett Marine Co-op * Current Name: Galatea * Original Owner: Gustaf Wiklander * Current Owner: Judd Tinius * Sail Number:

Georgia - Six boats were initially ordered by the Larchmont Yacht Club, built by Wood & McClure of New York, and launched in the Spring of 1917. - LOA: 59’10″ / 18.01m - LOD: 59’10″ / 18.01m - LWL: 38’6″ / 11.76m - Beam 12’0″ / 3.65m - Draft 7’10” / 2.16m - Hull Number: 215427 - - Designer: William Gardner - Original Owner: Charles Lane Poor - Built: Spring of 1917 - Built By: Wood & McClure of City Island New York Contract Cost: $10,000 - Hull Material: Oak Frames Mahogany Planking - Displacement: 35,500 lbs - Rig: Gaff, converted to Marconi by Gardner in 1926. - Sail Area: 1,670 sq ft

Gerdny - Type: 95 Square Metre - One of the “Grand Dames” of the Swedish fleet, this type of yacht is not suitable for sailing in high and open seas but is built for more sheltered waters, and would think that she will perform extremely well in places like the US westcoast (San Diego, LA an SF), the great lakes and the US northern eastcoast as well of course in Scandinavia, Germany, Holland and the Mediterranean. - LOA: 62′ 0″ * LOD: 62′ 0″ * LWL: 9′ 3″ * Beam: 20′ 5″ * Draft: 7′ 2″ * Ballast: 4000 kilograms * Displacement: 10 metric tons * Sail Area: * Yard Number: * Hull material: Wood * Rig: Bermudan Sloop 7/8 * Mast: Carbon Fibre * Designer: Erik Salander * Type: 1918 95 Square Meter Rule * Built by: Hasselströms WarF, Sweden * Year Built: 1920 * Restored By: * Current Name: Gerdny * Original Owner: * Current Owner: Kristoffer Melinder * Sail Number: 95 S-4

Gleam - Gleam was designed by the famous naval architect, Clinton Crane, for his own personal use with the intent of reviving the 12-metre class. She was built to the highest specifications by the equally famous Henry B. Nevins Yacht Yard in City Island, New York in 1937. - LOA 67′ 11″ LWL 46’11” BEAM 12′ DRAFT 7’10” (8’10”) DISPL (?) Hull Double Planked Mahogany, Cedar Skin, Oak Frames RSA 1930

Goose - Type: - Six Metre - The first design extensively tank tested by S&S - LOA: 36′ 10″ - LWL: 23′ 6″ - Beam: 10′ 7″ - Draft: 6′ 0″ - Design Number: 1335 - Rig: Sloop - Displacement: - Sail Area: 474 sq ft - Sail Number: US81 - Designer: Sparkman & Stephens - Built By: Nevins, City Island NY - Contract Price: - Original Owner: Dr. George Nichols - Current Owner: Peter Hofmann - Current Location: - Built: 1938 - Documentation or State Reg. Number:

Gun - Type: SK 55 - 1911, biggest yacht designed by Salander, and designed to excel to weather in winds up to eight meters per second. In 1938 Salander designed a new marconi rig with 50 m2, and the forestay was moved back approximately 20 cm. - LOA: 37.72′ / 11.50m * LOD: * LWL: 24.93′ / 7.60m * Beam: 7.02′ / 2.14m * Draft: 5.31′ / 1.62m * Ballast: 1500 kg * Displacement: 3150 kg * Sail Area Original: 55 m2 * Yard Number: * Hull material: Mahogany * Rig Original/ New: Gaff Sloop / 3/4 (Marconi) * Mast: * Designer: Erik Salander * Type: SK55 (Skärgårdskryssare) * Built by: Arvid Johansson, Kristinehamn / Finished Löfholmsvarvet, Stockholm * Year Built: 1911 * Restored By: * Current Name: Gun * Original Owner: Gustaf Härdelin * Current Owner: Markku Hänninen, Olli Airio, Knut Vatneström. * Sail Number: Sweden SL 139 / Finland 55 FIN 3

Gwylan - Historical: Built in Westport, Maine, sailed in that area the summer of 1977, then sailed to Philadelphia outside (around Cape Cod and Long Island). Cadwalader sailed the boat from Worton Creek Marine, MD until selling her to Prichard in late 1996. Prichard restored her, replaced part of two planks and sternpost. Gwylan summers in Riverton, NJ and spends the winter at Cutts and Case Shipyard, Oxford, MD. - Type: H-28 - LOA: 34′ over bowsprit and mizzen boom - LOD: 28′ 0″ - LWL: 23′ 1.5″ - Beam: 8′ 9″ - Draft: 3′ 6″ - Ballast: 2,800 lbs - Displacement: 10,500 lbs - Sail Area: 343 sq ft - Design Number: 80 - Hull material: White cedar planking over white oak framing, bronze fastened. Mahogany brightwork, pine spars. - Rig: Ketch - Designer: L.F. Herreshoff - Built by: McKie (Nick) Roth, Westport, Maine (on the Sheepscott River) - Year Launched: 1977 - Original Owner: John Cadwalader of Philadelphia - Current Owner: Roger Prichard of Riverton, NJ - Sail Number:

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  1. Duncan

    I am trying to find out information about “Freedom” she was built in 1939 for the Bermuda Race. She was from the board of John Alden and built at the Herreshoff boat yard. She is a Bermuda Cutter

    • admin

      Please refer again to our Classic Yacht Register, we have added to our database – 1937 Cutter Design Number: 676, built at the Herreshoff Mfg. Co. Thank you for bringing FREEDOM to our attention…

  2. Ed

    How do I register my boat ?
    1938 Rhodes design..

  3. Jan Jacobsen

    I would like to forward an article on ‘Agathis’ a John Alden Ketch design number 1022 (redrawn from 744 Rena)
    Where should I send it to?
    Kind regards
    Jan Jacobsen
    Auckland NZ

  4. Brian Kerrigan

    I am trying to locate the hull lines and scantlings for Clinton Crane’s J-Boat “Weetamoe” Any help would be appreciated.

    • admin

      Email:, or call 860.572.5367

      WEETAMOE: J class sloop

      Plans set
      Crane, Clinton Hoadley; Herreshoff Manufacturing Company

      8 sheets of plans for 125.75 ft. J class sloop, WEETAMOE (built 1930), designed by Clinton H. Crane. Date of design is unknown.

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