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The Classic Yacht Register of Heritage – Database of the worlds Vintage, Classic and Grand Prix (Spirit of Tradition) sailboats. Registry includes surviving, and destroyed vessels with historical, known racing, and ownership history for educational purposes. Registry inclusion is either by vessel’s historical significance, invitation or request.

Eligibility Requirements – Vintage and Classic full keeled (or keel-centerboard), monohull, displacement yachts designed in or before 1967, construction to include either steel / aluminum / grp and wooden yachts. Grand Prix Divisions – Include all Spirit of Tradition Yachts as well as those classics which are either equipped for, or are competing at, a much higher level than traditional vintage classics construction to include either steel / aluminum / grp and wooden yachts. designed in 1968 or later. Designs whose intent is to evoke the look and feel of a vintage classic.

The Wall of Fame

A New Important Classification within each vessels profile that recognizes the dedicated preservation, stewardship and celebrity of all the men and women that have sailed on these legendary icons. All helping to preserve and add to the historical significance of these vessels for future generation to come.







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Valkyrie II
Valkyrie II - Valkyrie II was launched on April 29, 1893, a week after Royal Yacht Britannia, and sailed to the U.S. that October to compete in the eighth America’s Cup. She was twenty-nine days eighteen hours in coming from Cowes, having experienced high winds and rough seas, and had less than two weeks before the first race She lost to the Herreshoff-designed New York Yacht Club defender Vigilant, 0-3. - LOA: 117.6 ft / 35.84m - LOD: - LWL: 85.5 ft / 26.06m - Beam: 22.3 ft / 6.80m - Draft: 16.5 ft / 5.03m - Ballast: 75 tons (Lead ballast) - Displacement: 140 tons - Sail Area: 10,042 square feet - Yard Number: - Hull material: Composite build, steel frame and wood planking - Rig: Keel cutter - Designer: Watson - Built by: D. & W. Henderson & Co - Year Launched: April 29th, 1893 - Original Owner: Wyndham Thomas-Wyndham Quin, Earl of Dunraven and Mountearl, of Dunraven Castle, Brigend, Glamorganshire, Ireland. - Current Owner: - Sail Number:

Velsheda - W.L. Stephenson, owner of Woolworths, named Velsheda after his three daughters, Velma, Sheila and Daphne. She was not designed to compete for the America’s Cup but she often raced against “Endeavour”, “Shamrock” and “Britannia”, between 1933 – 1936. - LOA: 127 ′ 6″ * LOD: 127′ 6″ * LWL: 83′ 0″ * Beam: 21′ 6″ * Draft: 15′ 1″ * Ballast: * Displacement: 143 tons * Sail Area: * Yard Number: * Hull Material: Steel * Rig: Bermudan Cutter * Class: J-Class Rule * Designer: Charles E. Nicholson * Built by: Camper & Nicholson, Gosport, United Kingdom * Year Built: 1933 * Restored By: Dijkstra and Mumford * Current Name: Velsheda * Original Owner: W.L. Stephenson * Current Owner: * Sail Number: J/K7

Victory Class
Victory Class - Junius Spencer Morgan III, the son of J. P. Morgan, the renowned financier, was instrumental in forming the Victory Class the year after World War I in the fall of 1919. Twenty yachtsman came forward through his efforts to build the vessel at Henry B. Nevins Shipyard in City Island N.Y. - LOA: 31’8″ / 9.69m - LWL: 20’8″ / 6.33m - Beam: 7’0″ / 2.13m - Draft: 4’10” / 1.24m - Hull Number: - Designer: William Gardner - Original Owner: - Current Owner: - Year Built: 1920 - Built By: Henry B. Nevins Shipyard, City Island N.Y - Hull Material: Wood - Gross Displacement: - Sail Number: V - Rig: Marconi Rigged-Sloop

Victura - In 1932 Hull number 94, was purchased by Joe and Rose Kennedy as a present for their son Jack’s fifteenth birthday. The “Victura” would become the Kennedy Family’s favorite boat. With a draft of 2.5 feet, with the centerboard up, the Wiannos could easily sail over most shoats, but still had to be sailed with caution around Nantucket Sounds shallowest spot Horseshoe Shoals at 6″ - Sail Number: 94 - Type: Wianno Senior - Victura Specifications: - LOA: 25′ / 7.62m - LWL: 17.6′ / 5.36m - Beam: 8′ / 2.44m - Sail Area: 366 sq ft / 34 m2 - Draft Board Up: 5.5′ / 1.68m - Draft Board Down: 2.5′ / .76m - Displacement: 4,100 lbs / 1,860 kgs - Ballast: 1,200 lbs / 544 kgs - Designer: H. Manley Crosby - Builder: Crosby Yacht Building and Storage Co. (USA) - Crosby Yacht Yard, Inc: - Hull Number: 94 - Year Built: 1932 - Wianno Senior Class Association:

Vigilant - was one of Uffa’s early ventures into keelboat design. Built in 1930, she is based on the 22 Square Metre Skerry Cruiser rules. She is of very light construction, so much so that the Q Class which raced on the Solent refused to allow her to compete. - Sail Number: 22/K1 - Type: 22 Square Metre Skerry - Vigilant Specifications: - LOA: 34’6″ / 10.51m - LWL: 25’6″ / 7.77m - Beam: 6’4″ / 1.93m - Draft: 4’3” / 1.29m - Hull Number: - Designer: Uffa Fox - Original Owner: Uffa Fox - Current Owner: - Year Built: 1930 - Built By: - Gross Displacement: 2 tons - Sail Area: 236 sq ft

Virginia - Type: New York 70 - Four boats were constructed for members of the New York Yacht Club. They were lightly built, raced hard, leaked extensively and only two boats continued sailing after the first year. - LOA: 106 ′ 0″ * LOD: 106′ 0″ * LWL: 70′ 0″ * Beam: 19′ 4″ * Draft: 14′ 0″ * Ballast: * Displacement: * Sail Area: 6,000 sq ft * Yard Number: 533 * Hull Material: * Rig: Cutter * Class: NY 70 * Designer: N.G. Herreshoff * Built by: Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, Bristol, RI * Year Built: 1899 * Restored By: * Original Owner: W.K. Vanderbilt * Original Price: $32,594 * Status: Destroyed * Sail Number:

Vixen - Type: 15 Square Metre - Was designed by Knud Reimers and built at the Kungsors boatyard in central Sweden by Oscar Schelin. Imported to the UK before the Second World War, she was one of only a handful of the elegant Square Meter Rule yachts. At the time building to the rule was prolific in the Baltic but scarcely known in the UK. As co-skipper Jack Gifford explains, “Much finer in form and lighter in displacement than her British counterparts, Vixen and her kind were viewed with suspicion by the (British) yachting establishment and with her light and efficient construction deemed as ‘un-seaworthy.” One famous British sailor had fallen in love with the Swedish Square Meter yachts and collaborated with Reimers to build his own yacht. That, of course, was Uffa Fox, and the boat he built at Cowes was the Vigilant. So confident was Uffa in its sea keeping that he set out to sail it to its spiritual homeland of Sweden to take part in the Swedish championships. – LOA: 33″ 0″ / 10.05m * LWL: 21′ 8″ / 6.64m * Displacement: 1.3 Tonnes * Year Built: 1937 * Built By: Oscar Schelin Kungsors Boat Yard, Sweden * Restore By: 2011 Brooklin Boat Yard

Volante - Type: Q-Boat - LOA: 42’0″ / 12.80m - LWL: 32’0″ / 9.75m - Beam: 10'0" / 3.04m - Draft: 6’6” / 1.98m - Rig: Fractional Sloop - Hull Number: - Designer: George Wayland - Original Owner: Charles Langlais, Commodore of the St Francis Yacht Club - Current Owner: Graham Wheelock - Year Built: 1936 - Built By: Nunes Bros, Sausalito, CA - Hull Material: Wood - Gross Displacement: 18,000 Lbs - Sail Area: 740 - Sail Number: Q8

Vortex - Knud Reimers originally designed the Swede 55 in 1975 to be built out of fiberglass, so when Steve White contacted Reimers in the mid 1990s he told him he wanted to build the Swede 55 out of wood. Reimers made changes to the original design including deepening the keel and incresing her ballast. - LOA: 52’6″ / 16.00m - LWL: 39′ 0″ / 11.88m - Beam: 9’7″ / 2.92m - Draft: 6’5” / 1.95m - Hull Number: - Designer: Knud Reimers - Original Owner: Steve White - Current Owner: Steve White - Year Built: 1990 - Built By: Brooklin Boatyard - Hull Material: Cold Molded - Gross Displacement: 16534 lbs - Ballast: 6283 lbs - Sail Area: 694 sq ft / 55m² - Sail Number:

Vril - Built for G.L. Watson along with co-owners John Lawrence and J.B. Hilliard. The trio borrowed a corner of D&W Henderson’s yard (where Britannia would later be built) to create a yacht that would shake up all preconceptions in yacht design. Vril was the first yacht constructed with external lead ballast. She was round bodied with great sail-carrying ability. Short counter with a knuckle on the quarter, with no bulkheads. Last yacht fashioned with a stu’n’s’l, fore and aft studding-sail. - Type: 5-Tonner - LOA: 50’2″ / 15.30m - LOD: 32’4″ / 9.85m - LWL: 28’9″ / 8.78m - Beam: 6’3″ / 1.92m - Draft: 5’6” / 1.69m - Gross Displacement: 6.6 tonnes - Design Number: 5 - Designer: G.L. Watson - Original Owner(s): G.L. Watson, John Lawrence and J.B. Hilliard - Current Owner: - Year Built: 1894 - Built By: Messrs. Henderson’s Yard, Patrick, Glasgow - Hull Material: Wood - Status: Destroyed - Sail Number:

Vryling - Skylark, design 146, was a further improvement of Stormy Weather (design 27), Avanti (design 85) and Sonny (design 94) In 1972 Skylark completed a 31,106 mile circumnavigation. 2013 Currently sailing and racing in the med. - LOA: 53' 0" LWL: 38' 0" - Beam: 12' 0" - Draft: 7' 7" - Design Number: 146 - Rig: Yawl - Displacement: 45,725lbs - Sail Area: 1,981 sq ft - Designer: Sparkman & Stephens - Built By: Pendleton Yacht Yard of Wiscasset, Me - Original Owner: - Current Owner: Tara Getty - Launched: 1937 - Sail Number:

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  1. Duncan

    I am trying to find out information about “Freedom” she was built in 1939 for the Bermuda Race. She was from the board of John Alden and built at the Herreshoff boat yard. She is a Bermuda Cutter

    • admin

      Please refer again to our Classic Yacht Register, we have added to our database – 1937 Cutter Design Number: 676, built at the Herreshoff Mfg. Co. Thank you for bringing FREEDOM to our attention…

  2. Ed

    How do I register my boat ?
    1938 Rhodes design..

  3. Jan Jacobsen

    I would like to forward an article on ‘Agathis’ a John Alden Ketch design number 1022 (redrawn from 744 Rena)
    Where should I send it to?
    Kind regards
    Jan Jacobsen
    Auckland NZ

  4. Brian Kerrigan

    I am trying to locate the hull lines and scantlings for Clinton Crane’s J-Boat “Weetamoe” Any help would be appreciated.

    • admin

      Email:, or call 860.572.5367

      WEETAMOE: J class sloop

      Plans set
      Crane, Clinton Hoadley; Herreshoff Manufacturing Company

      8 sheets of plans for 125.75 ft. J class sloop, WEETAMOE (built 1930), designed by Clinton H. Crane. Date of design is unknown.

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