H. Manley Crosby VICTURA

Sail Number: 94

Type: Wianno Senior

Victura Specifications:

LOA: 25′ / 7.62m
LWL: 17.6′ / 5.36m
Beam: 8′ / 2.44m
Sail Area: 366 sq ft / 34 m2
Draft Board Up: 5.5′ / 1.68m
Draft Board Down: 2.5′ / .76m
Displacement: 4,100 lbs / 1,860 kgs
Ballast: 1,200 lbs / 544 kgs
Designer: H. Manley Crosby
Builder: Crosby Yacht Building and Storage Co. (USA)
Crosby Yacht Yard, Inc: https://crosbyyacht.com/
Hull Number: 94
Year Built: 1932
Wianno Senior Class Association: http://www.wiannosenior.org/



In 1932 Hull number 94, was purchased by Joe and Rose Kennedy as a present for their son Jack’s fifteenth birthday. The “Victura” would become the Kennedy Family’s favorite boat. With a draft of 2.5 feet, with the centerboard up, the Wiannos could easily sail over most shoats, but still had to be sailed with caution around Nantucket Sounds shallowest spot Horseshoe Shoals at 6″

With a graceful low shear the Wianno Seniors were very “wet” boats. Racing the Wianno meant never finishing a race in dry clothes. Former Iowa Sen. John Culver, Harvard classmate of Wianno sailor Ted Kennedy, so eloquently and humorously describes his first sail over to Nantucket on “Victura” (discussion on Wianno experience starts one minute and eight seconds into the video)

Two boat yards are still building Wianno Seniors. Crosby Yacht Yard, Inc. in Osterville, Massachusetts, and Shaw Yacht, Inc, in Thomaston, Maine. About 200 Wianno Seniors have been built. Hull numbers through 173 were wooden boats; subsequent boats are being built of fiberglass. Hull number 222 was launched in 2011 by Crosby Yacht. Several hull numbers were omitted in the sequence.



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