N.G. Herreshoff PLEASURE

Type: Centerboard Yawl

PLEASURE Specifications:

LOA: 30’0″ / 9.14m
LWL: 24’0″ / 7.31m
Beam: 8’5″ / 2.58m
Draft: 31” / 0.76m
Hull Number:
Designer: N.G. Herreshoff
Original Owner: N.G. Herreshoff
Current Owner:
Year Built: 1924
Built By: Herreshoff Manufacturing Co., Bristol, R.I.
Hull Material: Wood
Gross Displacement: 7000 lbs
Sail Area: 445 sq ft
Sail Number:



In N.G. Herreshoff’s words – “In 1924 when at 76 years and passing winters in southern Florida, I designed and had built a small cruiser to use in Biscayne Bay and about the Keys. This boat, Pleasure, was 30′ o.a., 24′ w.l., 8’5″ beam, 31” draft, ballasted by lead, which was part of keel & centerboard logs and some stowed inside. Rig: jib and leg-o-mutton mainsail with no bowsprit, of about 445 sq. ft. She appeared to be a good sailer and a real “ghoster” in light airs, and was easily the fastest boat about Biscayne Bay. My ordinary sailing was generally alone, and cruising with my wife only, and the boat had a comfortable cabin for it. I was sometimes bothered at moorings or to reef if overtaken by strong wind. With this rig, the boat appeared to do her best windward work, tacking
in about 7 points.”

“The second year, I changed the rig to yawl by cutting off the boom and aft part of the mainsail and adding a mizzen mast with sail [having] 1/2 hoist & boom as [the] cut-down mainsail. The total sail area very little increased by the change. Not having a standard to go by, I could not gauge the speed efficiency of the boat, but the loss was
small and not apparent in sailing alone.”

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