N.G. Herreshoff SQUAW

Sail Number: H 40

Type: Herreshoff 12½

Squaw Specifications:

LOA: 15’10″ / 4.82mm
LWL: 12’6″ / 3.81m
Beam: 5’10” / 1.77m
Draft: 2’6” / .76mm
Hull Number: 842
Designer: N.G. Herreshoff
Original Owner: G. Adams
Current Owner: Robert Bartro
Original Name: Jabberwock
Year Launched: 1/14/1920
Built By: Herreshoff Manufacturing Company
Hull Material: Wood
Sail Area: 140 sq. ft.



Nat Herreshoff designed the 12½ footer in 1914. It has been in continuous production since then, and is nearly universally acclaimed as one of the finest small boats of all time. He was 66 years old by then, and had all the experience from a full and legendary career of designing and building yachts. He had already accumulated 5 of the never-matched record of 6 consecutive America’s Cup defenses, and 6 consecutive victories.

Squaw recent winner (12½) of the 2017 Herreshoff Classic Yacht Regatta


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