Sparkman & Stephens SANTANA

Sail Number: X9

Type: Staysail Schooner

Santana Specifications:

LOA: 55’2″ / 16.81m
LWL: 40’6″ / 12.34m
Beam: 12’6″ / 3.81m
Draft: 7’11” / 2.41m
Design Number: 59
Designer: Sparkman & Stephens
Original Owner: William Lyman Stewart, Jr (son of the founder of the Union Oil Company)
Current Owner: Wendy Schmidt
Year Launched: October 24, 1935
Built By: Wilmington Boat Works, San Pedro, CA (Wilbo)
Hull Material: Philippine mahogany over oak frames
Displacement: 50,000 pounds
Sail Area: 1,569 sq. ft. / 145.8 sq. m.




“God is alive and sailing on the Santana” (Under Charlie Peet’s ownership five men were rescued from a sailing vessel inbound from Los Angeles, to this day one of them carries a laminated card within his wallet with the saying inscribed.)


“While most people know that Bogie and Bacall had a great love affair, probably fewer know about my father’s other great love–sailing. Specifically, it was with his 55-foot sailing yacht. . . . The sea was my father’s sanctuary.” (Humphrey Bogart’s son Stephen, wrote in his autobiography)


Santana was named after the infamous Santa Ana Winds of California, and was originally conceived as a yawl by Olin Stephens, but Mr. Stewart insisted on a luxury staysail schooner built with racing in mind.

Years later owner George Brent re-rigged her as a yawl, but wanted to keep the existing mainmast, of which S&S recommended a larger main. With her new rig Santana proved to be more suited for the strong winds that she was named after, but challenged in lighter winds.

Owners Paul & Chrissy Kaplan of Keefe Kaplan Maritime (KKM) restored and re-rigged Santana once more back to a schooner.

Current owners recently completed a major restoration of 55ft S&S Santana, a hull and deck rebuild and rig conversion from schooner to yawl.


Wall of Remembrance :

Owner: (1939-1941) Charles Isaacs (Wife Hungarian actress Eva Gabor)
Owner/Actor: (1941-1944) George Brent,
Owner/Academy Award Winner: (1944-1944 3 months) Ray Milland
Owner/Actor: (1944-1945) Dick & June Allyson Powell
Owner/Actor: (1945-1957) Humphrey Bogart & Lauren Bacall
Owner: (1957-1960) Willis Short
Owner: (1960-1966) Wally Nickell, president of the Western Highyway Oil
Owner: (1966-1969) William Solari, San Francisco attorney
Owner: Charlie Peet
Owner: M. Lloyd Carter
Owner: Ted & Tom Eden
Owner: Paul & Chrissy Kaplan (extensive restoration needed having sunk at her dock under past owner)
Owner: Wendy Schmidt, philanthropist and wife of Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman Alphabet, Inc
Actor/President: Ronald Reagan & Jane Wyman (First wife of President Reagan)
Actor: Edgar Bergen
Actress/Model: Frances Bergen
Actor: Richard Burton
Actor: David Niven
Bogart Captain: Carl Petersen



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