Twenty-Five Teams Lineup for the SSL Finals

In less than a week (December 4th) twenty-five teams will be competing in this years 2017 Star Sailors League (SSL) Finals in Montagu Bay, Bahamas. Nine among the top 10 Star sailors in the world and 16 wild cards drawn from every aspect of the sport. Twenty-five Olympic medals hanging on the necks of the 2017 SSL Finalists, of which 7 are gold medals. World Champions in both Olympic, big boat classes, the Volvo Ocean Race, Louis Vuitton and America’s Cup winners, and for the first time a solo around-the-world-navigator.



The Star Class – was founded at Port Washington, Long Island, in 1911. Initially 22 Stars were built. Fifteen went to owners at the American Yacht Club in Rye, New York, and the remainder to other clubs on Western Long Island Sound. Since then the rig has been improved and modernized several times, but the hull design remains unchanged.

The Star Sailors League Finals – Drawing its inspiration from tennis and its annual “Masters” tournament, the SSL Board launched in 2013 the SSL Finals which will be begin at the end of every year. The regatta brings together the 10 best sailors of the Ranking and about 15 VIP guest sailors.


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