Weekly Global Sailing Show (BoTV) – May 11, 2017

Published on May 11, 2017

In this WoW #8 Americas Cup Report Emirates Team New Zealand have a “close”near capsize as it looks like they had a late drop of the starboard foil and they tacked before it had time to settle in and they nearly snapped it as when they tacked it bent in all directions. That was close.On the other hand the defender Oracle Team USA had their  secong capsize as they were just going along and tacked. They just slowly dropped their hull in and rolled ove 90%. Very gentle but it must be worrying to Larry. We have the actual fall over footage and the on-board cameras.
Tyson Lamond of the SoftBank Team Japan, ETNZ putting the best on their bikes, we look at the design of the ETNZ helmets and training on the Great Sound.



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