N.G. Herreshoff Neith

Herreshoff “Neith” Specifications:

LOA: 61 ′ 0″ / 18.59m
LOD: 53′ 0″ / 16.15m
LWL: 40′ 0″ / 12.19m
Beam: 10′ 6″ / 3.20m
Draft: 8′ 0″ / 2.43m
Displacement: 41,000 lbs
Sail Area: 1,400 sq ft
Yard Number: 665
Hull Material: Original Double Planked Topsides – Cypress over Yellow Pine on Red Oak – Current Mahogany on White Oak
Original Rig: Gaff Cutter
Designer: N.G. Herreshoff
Built by: Herreshoff Manufacturing Company, Bristol, RI
Year Built: 1907
Original Owner: Dr. Ed Dunham
Status: Active
Contract Price: $9,000
Sail Number: 123


Neith, named after the Egyptian Goddess of the Hunt, was intended as a gentleman’s weekender for N.G. Herreshoff’s personal doctor.

Sold to her third owner Neith attempted to sail to England in 1920, but was forced to sail back after encountering Hurricane force winds. A year later, now as a yawl, Neith attempted the crossing again, this time successfully.

Spending much of her life abroad Neith cruised and raced throughout Scotland and Europe, where she proved slow with her new stubby yawl rig. By 1926, Charles E. Nicholson convinced the owner to try the new Marconi rig. The experiment proved successful, and as testament to the brilliance of Nicholson, still stands rigged as a Marconi to this day.

As the story is told, one Scottish owner, as a tribute to Neith’s heritage with much fanfare kept a bronze statue of the Egyptian Goddess of the Hunt on the hearth of his home. Each time through her commissioning and decommissioning, the owner’s party celebrated through the sounds of bagpipes, as the statue was moved to and from the yachts hold.

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