William Gardner GEORGIA

Type: Larchmont O Class

LOA: 58’0″ / 17.67m
LOD: 58’0″ / 17.67m
LWL: 38’6″ / 11.76m
Beam 12’0″ / 3.65m
Draft 7’6” / 2.28m
Hull Number: 215427
Designer: William Gardner
Original Owner: Charles Lane Poor
Built: Spring of 1917
Built By: Wood & McClure of City Island New York
Contract Cost: $10,000
Hull Material: Oak Frames Mahogany Planking
Displacement: 35,500 lbs
Rig: Gaff (adapted to Marconi by Gardner in 1926)
Sail Area: 1,670 sq ft



The Class Symbol is an “L” Inside a Circle.

Edmond Fish was instrumental in getting the Larchmont Yacht Club to form and build this one-design class boat which was designed by William Gardner to the Universal Rule. Six boats were initially ordered by the Larchmont Yacht Club, but 4 were launched and tried out first in the Spring of 1917.

All boats were built by (“Woods”) Wood & McClure, and were favorably commented on by those who have seen them sail. But as it was the Larchmont Yacht Club had suspended all of its open regattas in 1917.

215427 “Georgia” – Charles Lane Poor (author of “Men Against the Rule”) – Gaff Rig – L1
xxxxxx “Varuna,” – James B. Ford of Rye, NY (Former Commodore of Larchmont Y C) – Marconi Rig – L2
215428 “Nimbus” – E. P. Alker and sailed by Edmund Fish in the Summer races – Gaff Rig – L-3
215496 “Grey Dawn” – Philip H. Johnson (of Philadelphia) – Gaff Rig – L4
215497 “Maisie” – A. Brian Alley – Gaff Rig – L5
xxxxxx “Betty” – Harold L. Foss – Gaff Rig – L6

One of the original 6 boats built was still not commissioned after 2 years and was seeking a purchaser in 1919, possibly due to World War I lasting until 11 November 1918

Georgia carried around 270 sq ft more sail area than the P class racers. More area in proportion to their displacement the Os should be relatively faster. With finer more graceful lines than the NY 40s, but with less sail area, still should be relatively faster than the 40s as well.

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