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We are a not-for-profit maritime publication and the worlds largest independent alliance of vintage, classic and spirit of tradition yacht owners, sailors, merchants, scientists, environmentalist, and preservationist. We are committed to keeping the spirit of the legends of sailing alive and dedicated to our mission to bring STEM (science, technology, math, education to the classrooms our our youth, and to arouse public awareness, action and support for the protection of our precious oceans, and wildlife.

As educators it is important to extend our reach to the communities, and schools that would otherwise be unable to access our message because of geographical, and sociological limitations. Bringing STEM to these classrooms would bring the world of sailing to these students through online curriculum. Overcoming obstacles, the application of science, technology and math to solve real life problems, and educational sailing expeditions to remote corners of the world, would be the focus of our message.

As preservationist, through the stewardship of our historic vessels, we are acutely aware of the need to protect our oceans and wildlife for future generations. We are gravely concerned about the oceans we sail in everyday, we all have seen great change over the years. It is our duty to bring awareness for behavioral change and  leading by example we wish to do our very best in helping to protect our valued resources.

The topics and stories that are focused on our web pages are made possible through the hard work and achievements of our alliance, and through the associated supporting cast of the collective initiatives. We look forward to expanding the reach of our cultures and remain dedicated to our collective efforts.

The stories, and racing histories of these magnificent craft are important to the overall valuation of each yachts role in history. We encourage our readers to contribute with historical contributions (comments) when possible.



Team Ten Class – Our collective mission is to bring awareness to the overuse of plastics that are effecting the overall health of our oceans, the blue heart of our planet. To bring a call to action to the communities we serve, through Science, Technology, Education and Math; to create a venue for recognizing the efforts in “Keeping the Legends Alive,” through periodical “Lifetime Achievement Awards.” Our race team is historical in design, spartan in concept, and void of modern day conveniences…pure vintage racing machines.

Advisory Board – The purpose of our Advisory Board is to gain outside expert and independent advise on the role and message that ClassicSailboats.Org will pursue for the communities we serve, and for stewardship for the environmental and philanthropic causes that are collectively important to us.

Sustainability and the Capacity to Endure – To continue to exist in the same state or condition has been a real challenge for all custodians and stewards of Vintage, Classic and Spirit of Tradition yachts and that of our Team boats. Preserving the ecosystems and environments that we sail in are equally as important, in our quest for sustainability. In our organizational capacity we will provide a means in achieving low environmental impact by exemplifying the importance of using renewable and biodegradable resources when possible.




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  1. bonjour.

    Sincèrement, Bravo!

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    Merci Classic Sailboats

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