Axel Nygren “Galatea”

Nygren “Galatea” Specifications:

LOA: 72′ 0″ * LOD: 72′ 0″ * LWL: 55′ 0″ * Beam: 12′ 6″ * Draft: 9′ 0″ * Ballast: * Displacement: * Sail Area: * Yard Number: * Hull material: Mahogany Planks and Iron Deck Beams and Floors and Frames are Webbed Together with Rivets and Iron Gussets. * Rig: * Mast: * Designer: Axel Nygren * Type: * Built by: Stockholm Boat Building * Year Built: 1899 * Restored By: Everett Marine Co-op * Current Name: Galatea * Original Owner: Gustaf Wiklander * Current Owner: Judd Tinius * Sail Number:

Known Racing History:

2009 – Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta
2007 – Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta

Known Restoration History:


Rumoured at the time to have been built for the Crown Prince of Sweden, but in truth it was built for a Swedish cork merchant; Gustaf Wiklander. Galatea has been owned by several famous individuals such as the violinist, Jascha Heifitz and the actor, Dick Powell who sailed with fellow celebrities, Humphrey Bogart, Spencer Tracy and Cary Grant. The boat was eventually sold to the famous movie producer and director of many famous movies, Joseph Mankiewicz.




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  1. Dale Helvig

    In 1970 I had the pleasure of being a 15 year old lad that was selected to sail on the Galatea. We went from Marina del Rey to Hawaii in 19 days, cruised throughout the islands and then had a 23 day trip back. What a summer it was! The experience has left me a lifetime of stories. Smooth sailing to you all.

    • Hi Dave! I’ve also had the pleasure of sailing on Galatea. We crossed the Atlantic in 2011 and brought her to Sweden for the Baltic Classics racing. We even dropped anchor in front of the original owners home. It was a pure thrill!

      I built a facebook page for the boat and found some photos on line of your trip in the 70’s. If you would care to see them, go to


    • marilyn smith

      Hi – My husband Greg Smith sailed on the Galatea from Marina del Rey to Hawaii in 1970. Same trip? He was not one of the sea scouts, he was a young adult who knew the owner at the time and went along to help. He only sailed to Hawaii, not back. It was the adventure of a lifetime for him. I would connect with you or anyone else who sailed on that trip. Thank you. Marilyn Smith

  2. Tom Lawyer

    Surprised I found this, I sailed on this boat from Hawaii to Seattle in 1972, with a stop in Port Angeles, we were 21 days at sea, August 2 there was a major solar storm which gave us an unbelievable display of the Northern Lights and one hell of a storm.
    I was part of a 5 person crew including the owner and his wife. One of the most amazing adventures of my life, I had just turned 20 and still have some pictures.

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