Effie M Morrisey (Ernestina)

This classic 1947 film documents The Effie M Morrisey sailing out of New York Harbor on a 6 month expedition to Greenland’s Mystery Coast. See the ship at sea sailing by huge icebergs.See dog sleds, seals, walruses and whales in action. The ship had over 200 Huskies on board! Life with the Eskimos and how they hunted and harpooned for food are featured. The Effie M Morrisey saw action in WW II. She eventually changed hands and was named The Ernestina and was turned into a Cape Verdean packet ship bringing immigrants to the US especially to New Bedford, MA. The Ernestina is designated by the Department of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark. Originally built at the James and Tarr Yard in Essex, Massachusetts and launched February 1, 1894 as the Effie M. Morrissey, she has sailed on through the centuries to become one of six remaining Essex-built schooners.The ship is now preserved as a floating museum and moored in New Bedford. Restored from the MLBaron Historic Archives. http://www.westislandweather.com

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