“That Herreshoff Characteristic of Passing Unperturbed Through Agitated Waters” – Casper Whitney’s 1901 description of Herreshoff designs, undoubtedly including the New York Yacht Club’s “Fighting Forties,” summing up the sentiment of most who have either seen or sailed these aristocratic thoroughbreds.

It has now been nearly 20-years since Todd French and Peter Webb collectively pooled their resources through the formation of French and Webb in the historic town of Belfast, Maine. Over the years, the company has earned a distinct reputation for high standards and precision joinery as well as exceptional aesthetics, and superb personal customer service. The owners of MARILEE decided in September of 2014 to commission the yard for a two year- two part refit which will allow MARILEE to compete in this Summers Classic Yacht Regatta Series. And by the time the restoration is completed, a platinum anniversary will have been celebrated and for the world a fully restored blue water greyhound will be on the prowl for more silver.

As of the second of April a new bronze reinforced mast step is nearing completion. The final single planks are being shaped to fit. The areas where hardware was removed from the deck are being cleaned up. And new decking is being installed.

To follow the historic restoration progress, the owners have created a blog. This journal provides written details of the restoration, along with numerous pictures. All providing an insightful glimpse into the daily efforts of MARILEE’s museum quality restoration.

MARILEE’s Restoration Blog – please use the following link.


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