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We are a world-wide consortium of avid yacht owners, sailors, and merchandisers, bringing and interactive venue for the preservation, recognition, and development of Vintage, Classic, and Spirit of Tradition yachts.

The Association of Vintage Yachts founded in 1982, boats classed as ‘Vintage’ are those built of wood or metal prior to 1950. If built after 1950 and up to 1975, they are defined as “Classic”. To these two categories we can add a third, the so-called “Spirit of Tradition”, vessels that for reasons of design or construction, also if made of fibreglass or other materials, have a connection with nautical traditions. These include “New Classic”, sailing or motor boats built taking inspiration from past designs, from which they closely follow the waterlines, shapes, deck and interior layouts. For over ten years, a number of boatyards around the world have ventured into the reconstruction of this type of boat, to the delight of a growing army of boat owners in love with the “old style”.

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