Untie The Lines – A Weekly Solo Sailing Documentary

Untie The Lines – a weekly solo sailing documentary that started on August 30th 2013, and has just completed its first season, which covered 1 1/2 years and 52 episodes.

The documentary is about a young woman Nike who quits her job buys a boat in Panama, Unties the Lines and just goes sailing to points unknown! Her documentary will give you insight on how she is coping with putting one of her biggest dreams into reality.

The documentary aims to be a reminder that it is possible to live your dreams and hopefully an inspiration to untie the lines yourself to conquer all the undiscovered areas on your personal map of life, which she calls “WhiteSpots”.

To find out more about Nike’s life aboard “Karl” visit her facebook page located here: www.facebook.com/whitespotpirates. If you enjoy watching her documentary and therefore want to contribute a little bit for internet costs / video equipment, then you can do so here: https://www.patreon.com/whitespotpirates.

Look for Nike’s second season aboard her 1992 Aluminum Reinke Super 10 “Karl” which will start after a much needed rest period back in her native Germany.



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Untie The Lines #1 – In the Jungle of Mold
Untie The Lines #2 – Prep Pack Part
Untie The Lines #3 – Leaving on a Jetplane
Untie The Lines #4 – Who´s KARL
Untie The Lines #5 – Building a Nest
Untie The Lines #6 – With A Little Help From My Friend
Untie The Lines #7 – Trying To Cut The Bungee Cord
Untie The Lines #8 – Bocas Break
Untie The Lines #9 – Charging Up The Batteries
Untie The Lines #10 – Giving Karl What He Deserves


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